While we are NOT yet opening back up for regular, in-person worship (and have many uncertain “benchmarks” to pass & preparations to make), we have slowly started to engage some smaller, more manageable ministries.

Based on the recommendations of the Safety/Reopening Team & the affirmative vote of Consistory, small groups are now permitted to return to the building.

Please read the following for details…

*(We define “Small Groups” as gatherings of 10 people or less)*

Beginning June 1st, 2020, Richville UCC began reengaging our hosting of small group ministries & programs. The following precautions should be observed for all in-person meetings…

· Door handles should be wiped-down with disinfectant prior-to & following gatherings.
· Entrance/exit doors should either be attended (opened/closed) by a single individual or propped-open as the group assembles & then again at dispersal.
· No “lingering”. Participants should arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to gathering & should leave within 15 minutes of the meeting’s ending.
· Attendance charts are to be maintained for each meeting of every group (for potential Contact-Tracing measures). If confidentiality is required, the given group will retain these documents unless/until such a time as they might need to be furnished (in the event of positive COVID tests within the group).
· Masks/face-coverings are to be worn.
· For the foreseeable future, groups are to use ONLY either the Fellowship Hall or the Sunday School room directly across from the office (“Ruth’s” class). Choice/use of space is to be reported to the church staff.
· Only the upstairs restrooms are to be used.
· Social-distancing (of 6 foot separations) is to be practiced.
· Hand sanitizer will be available within the rooms being used (in addition to the dispensers located all around the building).
· At the conclusion of meetings, group-organizers will spray-down the hard-surfaces which have been used (chairs, tables, etc.) with the disinfectant the church provides. This particular cleaner is not to be wiped-off, but allowed to air-dry.
· Until further-notice, there are NOT to be refreshments offered at gatherings.

o Avoid physical contact with those who are not part of your immediate family unit.
o Cover coughs/sneezes with tissue/inside of elbow (dispose of tissues immediately).
o Wash hands after making contact with surfaces/coughing or sneezing/using the restroom. When washing hands, use hot water/soap & wash for at least 20 seconds.
o Refrain from touching facial areas (eyes, ears, nose).
o Any trash generated by a group should be disposed of immediately following the end of the meeting (trash bags taken to dumpster by the shelter/picnic pavilion).